The Live Bait Shop and about Shrimp Skimmers

Noel Nacio stands in his boat while I take his picture after a mornings bait shrimping. Noel uses on on the most popular Louisiana shrimping rig's, called a "Skimmer"  This boat is equipped with a triangular aluminum frame on each side of the boat with a shoe on the outer end of the frame that is curved up like a ski so that it can ride up and down as the bottom depth changes. it has what is called a "Bullet Weight" on the inside of the frame which keeps the net pulled taut, this "Bullet" can be quite heavy and usually requires a winch to pull it up.

Noel and his skimming boat

The Shrimp Skimming Boat

The Louisiana shrimper's prefer this type of rig because it's said to catch 3 to 1 more shrimp than those shrimper's who use trawlers. There is an excellent history of the way the skimmer method of shrimping came to be and it does a much better job than I about the history of "Skimming" "Click Here" to read an excellent story of how the shimmers came to be.

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