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The rock piles along the beach, 126x96(Note:) Since the writing of the article there is a project ongoing at Grand Isle to place these rock piles all around the island, this is going to place some fine fishing structure all around the perimeter of Grand Isle. Species of fish that use these rock piles as cover and structure include Speckled Trout, Redfish, Black Drum, Sheep Head and others. Read the article about "What'ch Ya Call This Fish", it will give you more information on these rock piles. 
        "Before Katrina"
Arial view of Ricky's Motel after Katrina

This is an Arial view of Ricky's Motel; "Before Katrina"  "Click Here" or "Click-On" the picture to the left for a larger view. This picture was taken from the lofty perch of a helicopter looking to the north towards the bayside of the island. This picture was taken before Katrina and Rita, you know those gal's that came ripping up through Louisiana and if that wasn't enough they also tore through the Northern Gulf Coast  leaving the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast in a shambles, the pictures you see in the news just doesn't do the real situation justice folks. The picture to the left and above was to give you a better idea of the motel layout back then. We have marked up this aerial photograph to show you more about Ricky's Motel, and as you can see, you can spend a week or more easily at Ricky's Motel and never have to leave because there is so much to do.

Well, not to worry folks, there's still going to be a Ricky's Motel this year "2006", Fishing Pier and all, Ricky and crew are working hard putting the Motel back together after it took the hit from Katrina. The satellite picture below of Grand Isle from the National Weather Association will give you an idea of just what a Category 4-5 storm can do, you'll also notice that the motel faired better than a lot of other structures on the island.

Click here for view of the storm image of the whole island

"Click Here" on the picture to the left for a larger view of the damage caused by hurricane Katrina. Ricky and crew have  more than 40 units ready for the guest and soon all but one building will be completed, and that one is a total loss. Ricky has decided to make the space where that building was into an RV park, he will have space for several RV's with hookups, neat huh, call or email for more information.

Click-on the link below that will take you to a satellite image which shows the whole island and you can zoom in and out for a better view of just what Katrina did to Grand Isle.


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Below are aerial views of Ricky's Motel and Grand Isle showing the damages done by hurricane Katrina, be sure to see the NOAA Satellite images also. Yes, we took quite a bit of damage but Ricky and crew have been hard at work and already there are over 40 units ready for guest, for reservations and additional information call 985-787-3532 or email us at info@rickysmotel.com. The fishing is great, so come on down.

Labled aerial of Ricky's MotelThis is what we will look like now, Year 2007. "Click Here" or Click-on the picture to the left for a larger view. Ricky has taken the space where he lost buildings and is making those areas into an RV Park with hookups, call for the status and pricing on the RV Park if you had rather bring your motor home or travel trailer. 

The link below takes you to a NOAA image that shows the damage to Grand Isle and Ricky's Motel, these pictures were shot in August, 2005 by NOAA. Further down this page you'll see the before and after images of Ricky's Motel. The NOAA images are quite large so we have located the motel image for you so you can see just what a category  4-5 hurricane can do. Click-on the link below.


Click-on the link below if you want to search for a certain area of Grand Isle and area. To give you a starting point Ricky's Motel is located on the NOAA image #24415543. When you get to the NOAA site you'll need to run your mouse cursor over the little boxes for individual images of the Grand Isle area. http://ngs.woc.noaa.gov/katrina/090E29A_KATRINA.HTM These images are quite large and if you want to zoom-in close on an image just click-on the image for a real zoom-in close-up. "Click Here for more information"

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