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Wild Bird Photography by Bill Bergen

" Birds...A Most Vivid Expression of Life."  ( ROGER TORY PETERSON, 1909-1997)

Click on a bird image to display a large view of the bird in another window. This selection of Birds are all found on Grand Isle and I have seen a lot of them right behind the motel in the shallow water that wraps around the pier. Contact Bill Bergen at billbird@ofeathers.com if you are interested in purchasing any of his images. This is only a small portion of his gallery.


All images ©Copyright by Bill Bergen, all rights reserved.





  "More about Bill Bergen"

Bill Bergen's has a great passion in wild bird photography, fact is it's so acute we just call him "Billbird", when you ask  Bill what kind of pictures do you shoot, his replay will always be "I just shoot birds", and that's a fact folks.  To observe migratory birds moving between hemispheres twice a year is truly an exciting event for ornithologists and birdwatchers.  For Bill, when he can get a close-up photograph of these beautiful creatures, it's and extraordinary, near-religious experience.

 For instance, Bill's portfolio includes, among many other species, 10 species of hummingbirds, most notably the Ruby-throated, which flies 500miles across the Gulf of Mexico in approximately 18 hours.  The tiny birds leave the Yucatan Peninsula in early spring to breed in North America.  They return to Mexico in the fall to spend the winter.

Over the years, Bill's images have been published in such national magazines as:

  • Living Bird

  • Birders World

  • Bird Watcher's Digest

  • Wild Bird

  • A Field Guide for Backyard Birds

  • Hummingbirds Gardens

  • Water Gardens

  In Louisiana:

  • Louisiana Conservationist

  • Breeding Bird Atlas of Louisiana

  • Department of Tourism's Louisiana Birds

Bill's photographs have also been used in the North Carolina Museum of Natural History. Over the years Bill's hobby has provided him with many hours of pleasure and he loves to share the results of his efforts with all.

Note: All Photographs are the property of the original photography

Contact Bill Bergen at billbird@ofeathers.com

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