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Fish Bragging Gallery

I've never met a fisherman yet that didn't like to show off his catch, so we've made a place to display pictures we select. From time to time we will be changing the pictures and expanding the gallery so if you like to see who's catching what, check back often. "Instructions Below"


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Instructions to get your picture posted here...
The first rule is if we post your picture you must have been a guest of ours. If you would like us to display a picture of your fishing catch of the day, your  prize bird photograph, scenery, etc. Email your scanned or digital image to ricky@rickysmotel.com. Please send your picture touched up as you want it to appear on the web page, .jpeg images are preferred, if you have one of those 6-10 mega pixel digital cameras then the email message with the original picture attached will get too large for some ISP's to send, and they'll kick it back to you. Just downsize the picture if you have this problem. For a horizontal image set the image width to somewhere around 800 pixels and if it's a vertical image then set the width to about 800 pixels also. If you don't have a touchup software program like Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Elements, or others, we'll downsize the picture for you, provided you can downsize it small enough to send it in your email. Most digital cameras come with software to touchup or resize your pictures, if all else fails send us an email and we'll help you out. If we decide to display your picture we'll use a thumbnail sized image on the "Email Testimonial Page" then a larger blowup on a page of the Ricky's Motel Web Site. You understand that in displaying your picture on the World Wide Web that there are people who think nothing of taking images that doesn't belong to them. We will post a copyright message on the page with your image but that will in no way guarantee that someone will not take your picture/image for their own use, so don't send anything you don't want the world to have.

We would like to keep the subject content of the pictures to things that are of interest at Ricky's Motel or around Grand Isle. For instance your child's prize catch or some candied shot of a first time happy fishermen. Bird photographs are surly welcome and strings of fish you catch around Grand Isle or offshore are great. The sunrise and sunsets here at Grand Isle can be gorgeous as you can see by some pictures that we already have on the site.

Give us some information as to how you acquired the picture i.e. the camera used, the F-stop number, lens, what, when and where if you want. You get the picture. If you are using a digital camera then all the information will be contained in the picture EXIF properties and we can get the information from a "Copy" of the original picture. This is what the EXIF properties looks like from a Nikon 950 Coolpix Camera.

Image Description =
Make = NIKON
Model = E950
Orientation of image = Row 0 is at the visible top of the image, and column 0 is at the visible left-hand side.
Image resolution in width = 300
Image resolution in height = 300
Unit of resolution = inches
Software = v981-79
File change date and time = 2003/03/15 14:45:01
Y and C positioning = co-sited
Exposure Time = 10/3010 (seconds)
F-number = 11.0
Exposure program = Manual
ISO Speed Ratings = 80
Exif Version = 2.10(R98)
Date and Time of Original = 2003/03/15 14:45:01
Date and Time of Digitization = 2003/03/15 14:45:01
Component Configuration = YCbCr
Compressed Bits Per Pixel = 4.0
ExposureBias = 0.0 (APEX)
Max Aperture Ratio = 2.6 (APEX)
Metering Mode = Pattern
Light Source = Unknown
Flash = Flash did not fire
Focal Length = 19.0 (mm)
Maker Note = Nikon
User Comment =
FlashPix Version = 1.00
Color Space = sRGB
Pixels - X Dimension = 1600
Pixels - Y Dimension = 1200
File source = DSC
Scene type = A directly photographed image

We will select the pictures we would like to use and the choice is totally ours. We will make no guarantees that we will display your picture but we will show the pictures we feel is the best for the viewing public to see and of course we want to make Grand Isle and Ricky's Motel look good. We reserve the right to either post or not to post any picture sent to us and the picture you send us becomes the property of Ricky's Motel to post on Ricky's Motel web Site. If you see your image somewhere else or on another web site, "we didn't do it without your written permission", so if you're not happy to see your picture somewhere else on someone's else's web site then contact them, not us, as we said above, we want pass any image to anyone, and your image remains your private property except when you send the picture to us you give us full right to touchup, resize or do whatever it takes to make the picture look presentable on our web site. Send your pictures on in, you may just wind up on the front page of Ricky's Motel Web Site. Always send us a copy and never your original digital picture.

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