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Bird Photography by Liz and Ricky at Fort Livingston

It was one of those beautiful days when it was just great to go for a boat ride, so Ricky, Liz and myself "Webmaster" jumped in the boat and headed down to the east end of Grand Isle to the old Fort Livingston site. There was a variety of shore birds on the beach and the Dolphins were everywhere. All these shots were taken with Ricky's Olympus digital camera, enjoy.

Come on Down


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Pelican on the beach in front the old Fort Liviston Double Crested Cormorants at Sunset Terns in flight
Fort Livingston Beach Pelican and others

Double-crested Cormorant at Fort Livingston

Terns and Sea Gulls at Fort Livingston
Pair of Dolphin as they surface. Single Dolphin as it surfaces Flock of White Pelicans at Queen Bess Island
Pair of Surfacing Dolphins at Fort Livingston Surfacing Dolphin at Fort Livingston White Pelicans at Queen Bess Island
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