Ricky's Pier is one of the most popular spots on the island, all guest at Ricky's Motel and RV Park have full use of the pier day and night, as you can see there's a lot of guest fishing, socializing, and just having a good time. This picture was taken from the front deck of the 3 bedroom 2 bath trailer which was overlooking the pier. Katrina took care of the trailer, it's no longer there, but Ricky put four "RV Parking spaces" in its place so all is well. "Read More Below"

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"The Pier at Sunset, Photograph Copyrightę James Allen, all rights reserved"





 "The Pier at Sunset at Ricky's"

I'll tell you from experience that the sunsets are gorgeous as you can see, "Click Here" to see another sunset taken by Bridget, one of our guest, she took a wonderful sunset picture, and emailed it to us, "Thanks Bridget". The pier is over 400' long and has the large "T Shape", extension at the end of the pier. Take a picture, email it to us,  "Click Here" to see "Picture's and Testimonials", by our previous guest and also the instructions for posting your picture  and testimonial on our site,

The pier is fully lighted all night long. You can tie your boat to the pier, after you launch. Most people find it very convenient to launch their boat next door at the GulfStream Marina, and then it's just a couple hundred yards to the pier at Ricky's. There are a lot of activities that go on at the pier, fishing, crabbing and the kids have a ball, "Young Children must be supervised by an adult". Another thing you will find is the bottom around the pier is hard and good bottom for wading, fishing and cast netting. I used to go out there and catch all the mullet I needed for bait. The big Bull Redfish out in Caminada Pass or anywhere else for that matter, just love live or cut mullet. When the shrimp are running you can also catch a mess of shrimp, if you are any good at all with a cast net. I have watched the kids play for hours with a small cast net, anything they catch is a trophy for them.

It's a good place to be, the pier, there's a cleaning station to clean your fish, clean water is provided with a sink and cleaning tables. It's great to have all your fish cleaned after a successful fishing trip, before you head home, Then on the drive home there's not the "Dread Factor", you know, having to clean all those fish in the coolers when you get home, I can tell, there's some of you that know what I'm talking about.

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