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Picture's of our guest

The young lady below got left out of the picture to the left when all her buddies had their picture taken with the days catch. Well, we just couldn't leave her out like that, after all, she was out there fishing just like everybody else. She was with the crowd in the thumbnail picture to the left. You can "Click-on"  any picture on this page to see a blowup of her fishing friends. "See below how we did a little trick stuff on this picture in PhotoShop"

    "See I can catch a big one too"




This young lady did not get left out catching the big one.
We had the young lady pose as she is in this picture, as if she were holding up her Redfish, which she wasn't at the time. Then we used a little Adobe PhotoShop magic to cut the "vertical" Redfish out of the  original thumbnail picture "above", then we used the line tool to draw a line as a stringer and then we placed the fish in her hand, neat huh, Hey, she was there, and we sure didn't want her left out of the picture, "no pun intended". You can click on  any picture on this page to see a blowup of her fishing friends.
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