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These guys were fishing the oil rigs in the offshore waters off Grand Isle. The Mangrove Snapper's are a wary fish, and to catch them it take a light line, small sinker or no sinker at all is better. If you chum the water around the rigs this will bring the big guys up like in these pictures, and the light rig will do the trick. I went out one day with a friend of mine and we chummed the water, and free lined Cacohoe minnows and I had too light of a rig and I haven't landed one of them yet  These big Mangrove Snappers will put a wrinkle in you rod.
   Guest Jeff Ratliff and his buddies from Picayune, MS, nice Mangrove Snappers and Lemon fish
Rock Piles along the Beach at Grand IsleThese are two huge Lemon Fish
This is one nice Mangrove Snapper, these guys can be hard to catch without a little know how. Lemon Fish, this is one dumb fish, they will hit  just about any bait, artificial lures, live bait and cut bait, the best bait I have heard of to catch the brutes is the good old hardhead catfish, and By the way they are great eating, This fish is called, "The Chicken Of The Sea".
This is a nice Mangrove Snapper Lets do something here, if anyone knows of a good way to catch these big Mangrove Snappers and Lemon fish then send us your tips and tricks and lets share some knowledge with others. I'm sure they would love going home with an ice chest full of fillets. Both of these fish are excellent table fare. Come on down the fish are biting, good job Jeff.
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