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Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration’s agenda; April, 2007
The next Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration will be held April 13 and 14, 2007.

"Click Here" and you can get all the latest information on the bird festival by going to The Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival web site.

They have all the latest agenda and information on the activies that will be going on during the bird festival. Come on down, stay with us, and have fun at the festival.

The Bluebirds are busy as they can be at their nesting duties. "Click Here" for a  larger view of this digital  picture  by the "Webmaster". The Clapper Rails that you will see running around the motel will soon show up with their chicks, "Click Here" for a picture of a Clapper Rail by Bill Bergen,
 Cajun Images by George Payne
 Grand Isle Migratory Bird Fest
 Town of Grand Isle Site













































































House for Sale

100 yards from the beach on beautiful Grand Isle Louisiana. Interested parties call Ricky's Motel and ask for Ricky Bourg.

(985) 787-3532

Big Note!!!

We do not take reservations by email, you must call us at (985) 787-3532, no one should ever send credit card numbers over the internet by email, and a credit card number is required to reserve a room. Please give us a call, we'll be glad to help you with your reservations.

Ricky's Motel Goes Wi-Fi'N

Yep folk's, as sure as the world we now have Wi-Fi, it's free to our guest so bring your laptop, notebook or netbook computers on down and hook-up, there's no reason to miss that all important email or text message.


"New Customer Gallery", You may be in there.

Well, on several days during several years we've  taken a walk around the motel and the RV Park with camera in hand taken Snap Shots of people with their fish and doing whatever they do when you come to a place like Ricky's Motel and RV Park., There are also picture's that customers have taken themselves and Emailed them to us. Take a look, you just may be in the gallery, of course you would know that because we have not taken a picture of anyone without asking them if it was alright. Most folks like the idea of having their picture in our gallery, especially if they have caught a big old fish. It's a shame fishermen don't carry a digital camera as part of their gear these days, it's so important to capture those great times on film, or in these days on a compact flash cards. We hope you enjoy the Gallery. Click-here or on the thumbnail image above for the gallery page, hey, you just may be in there.
"Ricky's Motel Goes RV'N"

Katrina; "yep, the storm, it hasn't kelp us down folk's, we're better than ever, building new stuff, such as a "NEW RV PARK", NOW YOU CAN RENT RV PARKING SPACE'S, MOTEL UNITS, NIGHTLY, WEEKLY, AND MONTHLY, BOTH IN THE MOTEL AND IN THE RV PARK. "CLICK-HERE", or on the labeled aerial photograph below to see a larger "labeled view", of the way things look now, lots of "new", and better changes.

Labled aerial of Ricky's MotelThere's a "NEW OPEN AIR PAVILION", with picnic tables, a live bait shop, and Ricky didn't stop there either, he's built another three bedroom, two bath unit on the bay side. "See the  aerial to the left for a look at the "RV Parking Spaces and the new site layout", as you can see, on the weekend this aerial was taken, there was not a spot left to park anything at all, so  call early for an RV parking spot, we had many disappointed customer's last year, because we had to turn so many on them away, Ricky hates that, but there was just no more room. The aerial was shot before the "NEW PAVILION" and the "NEW", three bedroom unit was built, so we've labeled where things are. "Click Here for the before and after Katrina Storm story"

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Katrina being over and all, Ricky turned the space where building's were destroyed by Katrina into RV Parking Spaces, quite a novel idea down you think? Now he's serving the public with a greater expansion of services and there's a a lot of people having a ball with an RV Park that has showers, a Laundromat, lighted fishing pier, tackle shop, live bait, and other amenities at a reasonable price. Now you can come down, park your RV, stay a night, a week or weeks, or as many months as you want to stay. "Call (985)787-3532 for RV reservations and price's". "Click Here" for Room Rates on the motel rooms.

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"Click the picture below for a larger view of Danny fighting this fish.

Danny has a fish on and he's not coming in easy.

Danny reached into the live well, grabbed a squirming live mullet about 8 inches long, ran a 5/0 hook through his eyeballs, dropped him over the side of the boat and I watched the 8 ounce sinker of his triple wire rig drag the bait through the clear water until it was out of sight. I thought to myself, I need to get fishing. I reached into the live well, grabbed another live mullet, ran my hook through his eyeballs, and just as I was putting the bait overboard I heard Danny grunt. I turned to see his rod bent double in a strained curve, then his reel drag began screaming as whatever he had hooked headed south and was putting the pressure on. I grabbed up my camera to get some pictures of Danny fighting this fish, hoping for a big old Red Snapper, Grouper or Cobia, "Called Lemon Fish locally". "Click-here" for the rest of the story.

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"Where My Camera"
Being the halfway photographer that I am I sallied forth one evening with camera in hand to visit with the customers at the motel and RV park. What I found was that the motel and RV customers alike enjoyed each others company. I spent several hours taking picture of customers cooking, showing off their fish, and in general having a great time. "Click Here" for the Gallery of pictures that I took that day.
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MY, OH, MY; are the Speckled Trout out and about at Grand Isle. If you've never been to Grand Isle when the Speckled Trout are really turned-on then you've missed out on some of the finest trout fishing in the world. Check-out this string of Speckled Trout with some Redfish thrown in, caught in June 2005. Holding this sting of fish from left to right is Danny, his friend Author and last but not least Ricky Bourg himself.  These guys just never fail to amaze me, at the super strings of trout they catch. These are what I call "Rock Pile Trout", yep, they were caught around the rock pile's found in the passes and they also surround the island in broken piles.

I was looking back through the picture archives taken at Grand Isle from past years and also this year, "2007", and I can't find a bad trout year, every year at this time, March, 2005. the Speckled Trout really get turned-on, the string of trout above was caught June, 2005, and the trout will still be around until late fall. and I'll tell you something else," THE HUGE BULL REDFISH" just never leave anymore. "Click Here" to read more.

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"World Record Salt Water Fish Species"
Did you know that Grand Isle holds several salt water fish species "World Records". The Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association keeps track of the word record fish species and you can get that information by "Clicking Here"  Check out the Red Drum "Redfish" caught at 4 Bayou Pass, that's located at the east end of Grand Isle. That Redfish fish weighted in at 48.19 pounds. You never know; you may be the next person to catch a world record Redfish, Speckled Trout, or some other salt water species. Grand Isle is noted for its huge "Bull Redfish" as you can see in some of the pictures on this web site.
No Ice Here
This sunset picture was taken from the back deck of Ricky's Motel

Snowbirds, "yeah you know who you are", good folks from Canada, New York, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other place's up north. It gets mighty cold up there in all those places, you have to shovel all that snow so you can get out of the driveway, and all that other cold stuff. Have you considered instead of going to the same old Florida every year why not take time out for a change in your winter plans. You could be watching the sunset above from the private decks that are included with some of the units at Ricky's Motel, and if you didn't get lucky and get a unit with a private deck you could always watch the sunset from off the pier. Winter is the "off season" for Grand Isle and Ricky is willing to do multi-week or multi-monthly rentals in a furnished 1,2,or 3 bedroom unit. This includes all power and utilities, "No PHONES" you just can't beat the deal.

"Past Years Events and Articles they are Worth Reading"

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Phone: 985-787-3532
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Guest Testimonials

If you would like us to display  your picture on our web site, send your picture to us by email, "Click Here" for information and rules.

Click on each picture thumbnail below for a larger view

Just who says the girls can't catch the big ones. This one caught on  August 7, 2003 "Click Here" for the rest of the story. We did a little trick photography on this picture. "Click Here for details on what,and how we did it"

August 7, 2003 Picture of the month


Click here for larger view


I am sending you some  pictures of fish we caught on June 25, 2005. Pictures taken off your pier

Jeff Ratliff                 Picayune, MS

From: Bridget
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 8:24 PM
Sunset by Bridget

Great shot Bridget, From Ricky



Local Tide's Link

"Need to do the Laundry"
Ricky being the observant gentleman that he is, noticed that folks have a lot of fishy smelling clothes after a few days in Grand Isle. He has provided a Coin Operated Laundromat for the visitors use. Now for a few quarters you can wash up everything before you go home. Women find this especially useful when they have kids along.
Guides We Know

Check out the Guides Page for phone numbers of the guides specializing in inshore and offshore fishing. We know these guides personally, and they come highly recommended.